The Truth of Love and Fear


This book was written to reveal the illusions by which you live and lead you to recognize and understand who you truly are. The intention behind the book is to give you answers to questions you may have never thought to ask. Answers, that relate to concepts that control every aspect of your life experience.

This is about Being NOT Doing. It will show you how you can be a powerful person rather than just engage in acts of power.

It will educate you about love, fear and guilt by showing you how it influences your mind and controls your behaviour. It will lead you to a new understanding of what it means to be unconditional in giving and receiving love, acceptance and trust. It will explain the potential of your personal power and the lack of it in your life.

About Rudy Eckhardt

My name is Rudy Eckhardt; of Dutch descend, living in Australia since 1963. The philosophy of how we create our own life experience rises out of 20+ years of work as a therapist with many different nationalities in Australia and other parts of the world. My life journey has taken me to an understanding of the deeper meaning of existence and the process of by which we live our lives.

Working to resolve the emotional issues of my clients from about 1990 until now has given me enormous scope to learn and understand the fundamental basis for many of our psychological states. My intense desire to achieve positive outcomes for my clients prompted me to do what ever it takes for each client to ensure they achieved real and enduring change. This approach has allowed me to discover processes for personal change I was previously unaware off.

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